The influencer marketing strategy to boost Christmas online sales

But you need to act fast for it to work!

With Christmas just around the corner, now could be an ideal time to partner with an influencer to boost online sales for your small business

Did you know that influencer marketing is projected to be worth $15 billion by the end of 2022? It’s definitely not to be ignored.

By adopting a good influencer marketing strategy into your business, you’re more likely to:

-Raise brand awareness

-Reach a new audience

-Increase your following on social media

-Increase newsletter subscriptions

-Boost online sales

And, my favourite of all, it will do wonders for your SEO strategy increasing traffic to your website which will help your chances of ranking higher on the search pages of Google!

So here’s what I’m recommending that every small business does right now to start their influencer marketing strategy…

Feature in a Christmas Gift Guide!

A Christmas gift guide is an online guide written by bloggers and influencers. They recommend products and services for their audiences to buy just in time for Christmas. Products can vary from handmade to more commercial items and can be unusual and quirky or simple and effective. 

It’s a great influencer marketing strategy that all small businesses should know about!

Time is ticking though as October is the month when most influencers are looking for businesses to feature! So you need to get a wiggle on!

BUT I’ve made things easy for you and found 10 bloggers looking for small businesses to feature right NOW!

They have all agreed to be listed below and they’re all based in the UK. A great bonus for startups is that a number of them won’t charge to feature you!

Find an influencer that fits your product niche, email them to pitch your product and let the magic happen!

Find your influencer!

Choose from any of the below options…

Bee Money Savvy

Niches: Money saving ideas

Looking for: Budget items

Requirements: Sample product

Deadline: Gifts will be published throughout November, but happy to accept late submissions up until 1st December 

Contact Emma to pitch your business!

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Claire Mac

Niches: Parenting, sustainability, interior design, skincare and supporting the local area in the North East of England.

Looking for: North East based small businesses and Women’s gifts

Requirements: High res imagery of product. No fee for small businesses based in North East of England. Small fee for businesses outside of this area. Samples preferred but not necessary.

Deadline: 31st October 2022

Contact Claire to pitch your business!

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Enviroline Blog

Niches: Sustainability, wildlife, nature

Looking for: Eco-friendly businesses, wildlife and animal themed products 

Requirements: Sample product or fee and high res imagery.

Deadline: 28th October 2022

Contact Caroline to pitch your business!

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The Grumpy Olive

Niches: Lifestyle including food and drink, books, pets, children and sustainability.

Looking for: Unique items or items that may have a unique twist.

Requirements: Small fee and high res photos

Deadline: 31st October 2022

Contact Simona to pitch your business!

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Joanna Victoria

Niches: Parenting and lifestyle including mental health and experiences with autism

Looking for: Toys, books, gadgets, décor, food and drink

Requirements: High res photos and sample

Deadline: 4th November

Contact Joanna to pitch your business!

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Little Beauty Blog XO

Niches: Mental health, beauty and fashion

Looking for: Gift recommendations within niche for both high budget and low budget items.

Requirements: A sample to photo

Deadline: Mid November 2022

Contact Abbeygail to pitch your business!

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Niches: Beauty, fashion, skincare, travel and food

Looking for: Businesses in the above niches with strong positive values including environmental and societal.

Requirements: High quality images and detailed product information. Sample preferred but not necessary.

Deadline: 28th October 2022

Contact Lucy to pitch your business!

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Modern Guy

Niches: Lifestyle including home, interior design, gaming, finance, business, motoring, toys.

Looking for: Toys and games

Requirements: Sample product to review

Deadline: 21st October 2022

Contact Sam to pitch your business!

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Sarah Trademark

Niches: Lifestyle including skincare, hair, food and cats

Looking for: Any products within the above niches

Requirements: Sample product to review

Deadline: End of October 2022

Contact Sarah to pitch your business!

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This Brilliant Day

Niches: Positivity, personal development, physical and mental health, 

Looking for: Vegan products, eco-friendly businesses

Requirements: Sample product to review.

Deadline: End of November 2022

Contact Sophie to pitch your business!

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They’re waiting to hear from you!

Why not share this blog with another fellow small business that needs to know about this too!

And if you get yourself a feature using this influencer marketing strategy, make sure to let me know!

Missed the deadline? Make sure to contact your chosen influencers anyway as they may have another way of working with you.

Charlotte x