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What is social media management?


Social media management means making your social media platforms work in the right way and getting someone to do that for you can be a game changer for your business. All businesses should have at least one social media platform where they can connect with their target audience, follow your business journey and find customers. You may want to increase your following and exposure, increase sales or need get help with the day to day admin of your accounts.


By delegating your social media management, you can free up your time to concentrate on other aspects of your business and by doing this will help your business grow. We can set up new social media accounts on your behalf, train you to use them and create relevant and exciting video and static content.



Why is it important to have a good website design?

A good website design is vital for any business. Your website homepage is your digital shop front or book cover. It tells your audience what they need to know about you. So when they say first impressions count in life, it is the same for your website too! We will discuss your business and create the right website design that works for you and fits your brand story.


We can create large and small website designs including ecommerce website designs. Click here to find out more information and see our portfolio!



What does SEO stand for?


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and helps you to be seen on search engines such as Google at the right time and to the right people. SEO helps to drive traffic to your website and can help generate more custom, leads and opportunities that will help your business grow.


Having a clear SEO strategy is important if you want to climb the ranks on Google and other search engines. SEO is super important in the world of digital marketing and when optimised in the right way can lead to fantastic success for your business.


Click here to find out more information about our SEO services. 


Logo Design and Other Design Work


Your logo design helps to identify your business and build brand awareness. We can help to create a new logo design for your business, rebrand or digitise an existing logo. Every logo designed by us will be compatible with social media platforms and will be suitable for your website, email signature and print.


We can also design and print flyers, posters, business cards and roller banners too.


Click here to find out more information about our design and print services. 


 Why are blogs important for business?


Blogs are important for business because they can help drive traffic to your website, increase your SEO and help market your business to your target audience. Writing relevant and timely blogs also keeps your audience engaged and your website up to date. Examples include ‘how to’ blogs, exciting business announcements and collaborations with other businesses.


We know that writing a blog and proof reading can be a big ask when you’re a busy business owner, so why not delegate the blog writing to us. We will discuss and plan your blogs, write them and always send them to you for approval before uploading onto your website.


Check out our blog here


 Launch a new business online


If you are looking to launch a new business, you need to have a strategy to launch your new business online. This may include social media updates, influencer campaigns, online press and more. We are experienced in launching new businesses online and we will discuss and plan a strategy that suits your business and brand. Our clients have featured on podcasts, online magazines and newspapers and have received award nominations too.


If you have a new business idea you would like to launch online. Contact us here




“Just wanted to say a personal thank you for your help and support this year. It has been a pleasure working with you and your support with social media has blown me away! You are amazing!”

Amanda Bastianelli, Expectancy Scanning Studios





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